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Re: Regarding libssl

On Mar 2,  6:50am, (<>) wrote:
-- Subject: Regarding libssl

| Hi,
| While working with openssl I found that in libssl Makefile (src/crypto/exte=
| rnal/bsd/openssl/lib/libssl/) under target 'update_inc:' one diff file is m=
| entioned and the same is missing from the directory. Is this intentional? M=
| issing file is ssl.diff. Here is that file from NetBSD 5: https://pastebin.=
| com/mYT4f8Gq . My understanding is, this diff file was used to disable sslv=
| 2 and I got it confirmed by asking in irc as well (<medfly> helped me out).=
|  If that's the case I think it's safe to remove this part from the libssl M=
| akefile.

Removed, thanks for noticing.


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