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Re: change proposal: nvi behavior for multi-width character

On 2017/11/10 21:05, Zhihao Yuan wrote:
On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 5:04 AM, Rin Okuyama < <>> wrote:

    When a double-width character does not fit in a line, and cursor
    moves to that char by 'l' command, cursor is put on the 1st column
    of that char, instead of the 2nd column. Then, if cursor moves
    further from a double-width char in that line to a single-width one,
    it is located on the 2nd column of the double-width char, instead of
    the single-width char it moving toward.

    [...] This problem
    occurs not only with our nvi but also with your nvi2.

Confirmed, that's bad.

Thank you for your confirmation.

I know.  I tried a few terminals, but didn't see
this behavior.  Can you name one (just curious)?

iTerm2 behaves like that, which is one of the most popular terminal emulators for macOS.

Oh, you mean multi-*width* -- that may probably
work.  I was thinking multibyte.

Yeah, I understand your point.

I've committed changes to -current.


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