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Re: change proposal: nvi behavior for multi-width character

On Fri, Nov 10, 2017 at 5:04 AM, Rin Okuyama <>

> When a double-width character does not fit in a line, and cursor
> moves to that char by 'l' command, cursor is put on the 1st column
> of that char, instead of the 2nd column. Then, if cursor moves
> further from a double-width char in that line to a single-width one,
> it is located on the 2nd column of the double-width char, instead of
> the single-width char it moving toward.
> [...] This problem
> occurs not only with our nvi but also with your nvi2.

Confirmed, that's bad.

As long as it doesn't break xterm.
> Xterm focuses entire of a double-width char in both cases when cursor
> is located on the left or right parts of that char.

I know.  I tried a few terminals, but didn't see
this behavior.  Can you name one (just curious)?

      ---             ---             ---
>>       multi-width     multi-width     nothing ins'ed
>>       multi-width     single-width    1 spc ins'ed
>>       single-width    multi-width     1 spc ins'ed
>>       single-width    single-width    original
> Do you know specific languages for which this makes things
> inconvenient? I've also found that vi shipped with Solaris 10
> (Version SVR4.0, Solaris 2.5.0) works similarly.

Oh, you mean multi-*width* -- that may probably
work.  I was thinking multibyte.

Zhihao Yuan, ID lichray
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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