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Re: Shipping SSL certificates in the base system

    Date:        Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:52:09 +0000
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Yeah, didn't want to figure out how to point base lua into pkgsrc
  | lua libraries.

It would not help if you did, it isn't the directory where the command
is located that matters, it is use of something, anything, that is not
in base NetBSD, and pkgsrc lua libraries count.

If the user is able to fetch (or use) anything from pkgsrc, they may as
well just use whatever browser (from there) suits their environment.

While a tool to ease portal access would be convenient, it is not necessary
if a browser (even links or similar) is available.

  | Sure, will do that. That will probably require an XML library.

Not really, you don't need to understand the form, just find it (simple
pattern match on the text) extract its fields (the same) fill in the ones
that need filling with user provided values, and send it back.

While this:

  | amusing bit on the topic:

has elements of correctness, overall it is the normal "if you can't do it
perfectly and handle any bizarre trash, it is not acceptable" when all that
is needed is to handle the normal everyday ordinary stuff that actually


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