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Re: Shipping SSL certificates in the base system

To reply to your points:

- Debian doesn't ship ifconfig because it considers it a legacy tool and
  expects you to use 'ip'.
- We already have a package tool.
  Do you think pkg_* are doing poorly on file ownership? I don't intend
  to port apt-get.
- I assume the open coding of file ownership is because they provide a
  working setup, whereas we expect users to configure things.
- Someone has been doing some recent stuff regarding syspkgs:

I don't plan to do the work on making syspkgs, I just don't want to make
things worse by adding a full but mostly incapable browser in base.
We can ship several packages and add a stage in sysinst to install them.
It'd have a more satisfactory outcome.
Plus, at the end, I could 'pkgin upgrade' and get updates to stuff.

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