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Re: pthread library related

On May 26,  2:08pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: pthread library related

1. SIGRTMIN/SIGRTMAX should not be exposed (the kernel does not support
   the functionality).
2. I guess the bsd_signal is ok, but I don't like it :-)
3. The pthread_condattr_getclock() prototype is wrong:
4. pthread_barrierattr_{get,set}pshared. I am ambivalent about that one because
   I am afraid programs might discover it and think erroneously that we support
   it. Let's wait on that.
5. _SC_SEM_NSEMS_MAX, although that's not the real limit, good enough.

So let's not do 1, lets do 2, 5, fix 3 and wait for 4 until we understand
it better.


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