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Re: pthread library related

On May 26,  2:08pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: pthread library related

| Hi Christos,
|    I am studying the pthread libraries in netbsd, and have several patches
| completed.
| I have attached all of them, which is pretty easy, but can fix some
| problems in user land.
| Note that some of them needs to add more logic. If you can, please give me
| some comments on them.

I'll send a separate mail.

| For the pthread part, I found a deep understanding is necessary to
| implement the feature
| such as cross process synchronization. Also, I found a patch which is
| written by ad (
| I found that patch implements some functions that I need, I am right now
| focusing on how to port
| that patch to my work.

Sounds good. I would also look at the FreeBSD implementation.

| Also, there are some missing macros like _SC_<MISS_MICRO>, I found the
| existing code just return the macro
| using _POSIX_<MISS_MICRO>, I am wondering where do you guys enforce the
| limitation in the kernel ?
| To clarify, let's use _SC_TIMER_MAX as an example, the netbsd code just
| returns _POSIX_TIMER_MAX in
| sysconf system call, where can I find the logic to enforce this number when
| user land allocates more times than this value?

This might sched some light.

| Let me know if there are any concerns.

No, I will send a separate mail with more comments about the source. Please
note that with source commits you should also supply unit-tests (see for example and also
manual pages. I can help you with both.


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