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Re: pthread library related

Hi Christos,

   I am studying the pthread libraries in netbsd, and have several patches
I have attached all of them, which is pretty easy, but can fix some
problems in user land.
Note that some of them needs to add more logic. If you can, please give me
some comments on them.

For the pthread part, I found a deep understanding is necessary to
implement the feature
such as cross process synchronization. Also, I found a patch which is
written by ad (
I found that patch implements some functions that I need, I am right now
focusing on how to port
that patch to my work.

Also, there are some missing macros like _SC_<MISS_MICRO>, I found the
existing code just return the macro
using _POSIX_<MISS_MICRO>, I am wondering where do you guys enforce the
limitation in the kernel ?
To clarify, let's use _SC_TIMER_MAX as an example, the netbsd code just
returns _POSIX_TIMER_MAX in
sysconf system call, where can I find the logic to enforce this number when
user land allocates more times than this value?

Let me know if there are any concerns.

Thanks, Charles.

2016-05-26 7:30 GMT-07:00 Christos Zoulas <>:

> On May 19,  5:03pm, (Charles Cui) wrote:
> -- Subject: Re: pthread library related
> | Thanks Christos, Martin and SODA for these advices and documents!
> | I will start to get familiar with freebsd designs and try to contribute
> as
> | much
> | as possible to netbsd community.
> Hi Charles,
> I have not heard from you since the 19th? What's going on? Do you need
> help with anything?
> Best,
> christos

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