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Re: refine of the GSOC project

Oh, yes, this sounds really reasonable to me.
I will try to disable ACPI,  thanks!

2016-05-11 7:59 GMT-07:00 Christos Zoulas <>:
> In article <>,
> Charles Cui  <> wrote:
>>some updates of building kernel.
>>I spend some time these days to investigate the kernel compiling
>>problem that I found earlier.
>>I start from netbsd 7.0 -stable, and build a netbsd-current.
>>After building tools, kernel modules, I found there are
>>two folders, one is  /usr/<buildname>/tooldir.NetBSD-7.0_STABLE-i386,
>>the other is /usr/<buildname>/tooldir.NetBSD-7.99.29-i386,
>>after installing new kernels, when trying to install userland, it will
>>report some binary tools cannot be found in the second folder, but
>>these tools exist in the first folder. I copied the required tools
>>over to the second folder, it install userland successfully.
>>I guess in the new kernel, building tools again can also solve the problem.
>>Although the kernel compiling problem is solved, I observed a kernel
>>issue of netbsd-current.
>>I used i386 arch on virtualbox, sometimes, it will tell me power
>>button is pressed and the system is shutdown
>>(I have attached the detailed info below). However, I never press the
>>button. I experience this problem
>>at least 10 times. To verify it is a netbsd-current problem, I
>>installed a netbsd 7.0-stable kernel,
>>and never experience this problem again.  So, I am wondering what's
>>the kernel changes that cause this issue?
>>This is not quite related to my projects, but definitely is good to
>>let the community know.
> I have not seen exactly that, but I've seen recent versions of virtualbox
> aggressively trying to shutdown my vm if the host has low battery. The
> simple answer is to disable ACPI for now... It does not affect your tests
> anyway. You can do this from the boot command line.
> christos

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