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Re: refine of the GSOC project

Sure, I can do it.
To make it clear, besides this list, you want another list that failed
the test because of it is not used in a standard way or compiler

2016-05-09 7:27 GMT-07:00 Christos Zoulas <>:
> In article <>,
> Charles Cui  <> wrote:
>>Thanks guys for all your advices! I will try the methods proposed by
>>you guys and let you know once I have new results.
>>Right now, my way (install kernel and userland together) works (It
>>takes kernel and libc updates and generate expected results.)  This is
>>the updated list (much shorter than before) that I need to contribute
>>to. I have make an annotation for each feature. (freebsd) means
>>freebsd implements it, but we did not. (linux) means freebsd and
>>netbsd do not implement, but linux implements.
> Looks good. I would create either 2 lists or a table with 3 columns.
> These I presume are the failed to compile tests because of the missing
> features. It would be good to also have the failed to run tests (the
> ones where the feature is implemented but does not behave as the standards
> mandate). Can you please compile that too?
> Thanks,
> christos

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