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Re: refine of the GSOC project

In article <>,
Charles Cui  <> wrote:
>some updates of building kernel.
>I spend some time these days to investigate the kernel compiling
>problem that I found earlier.
>I start from netbsd 7.0 -stable, and build a netbsd-current.
>After building tools, kernel modules, I found there are
>two folders, one is  /usr/<buildname>/tooldir.NetBSD-7.0_STABLE-i386,
>the other is /usr/<buildname>/tooldir.NetBSD-7.99.29-i386,
>after installing new kernels, when trying to install userland, it will
>report some binary tools cannot be found in the second folder, but
>these tools exist in the first folder. I copied the required tools
>over to the second folder, it install userland successfully.
>I guess in the new kernel, building tools again can also solve the problem.
>Although the kernel compiling problem is solved, I observed a kernel
>issue of netbsd-current.
>I used i386 arch on virtualbox, sometimes, it will tell me power
>button is pressed and the system is shutdown
>(I have attached the detailed info below). However, I never press the
>button. I experience this problem
>at least 10 times. To verify it is a netbsd-current problem, I
>installed a netbsd 7.0-stable kernel,
>and never experience this problem again.  So, I am wondering what's
>the kernel changes that cause this issue?
>This is not quite related to my projects, but definitely is good to
>let the community know.

I have not seen exactly that, but I've seen recent versions of virtualbox
aggressively trying to shutdown my vm if the host has low battery. The
simple answer is to disable ACPI for now... It does not affect your tests
anyway. You can do this from the boot command line.


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