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Re: removing an envsys temperature limit

Ha ha!  For years I had wrong misconfigured critical-min with 
corresponding critical-under powerd command.  I thought this was some 
recovery mode for when was previously overheating ... that is it is now 
"under" the critical temperature.

                  Current  CritMax  WarnMax  WarnMin  CritMin  Unit
  CPU0 Sensor0:    64.750   92.000                     85.000 degC
  CPU0 Sensor1:    67.500   92.000                     85.000 degC
  CPU1 Sensor0:    63.500   92.000                     85.000 degC
  CPU1 Sensor1:    65.750   92.000                     85.000 degC

I know about the "normal" powerd command, but I also used envsys 
critical-min and powerd critical-under to adjust my cpu frequency as if 
the system was no longer too hot. So my logs often logged "dropped below 
critical limit" and my cpu frequency was always at that setting (and 
never what I had for "normal").

Thanks for this thread now I know there are warning and critical 
settings for too cold.

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