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Re: removing an envsys temperature limit

> Is this a continuation of your prior thread:
> ?
No. That was about a 54 degC CritMax for CPU Temp.

> If so, what you're effectively asking is for
> to stop
> reading the limits from the chip, which I don't think is supported.
It doesn't report any limit for sensor0 (l_temp), so there must be a way of 
having "no limit".

> Did you find out what was causing the limit to be low in the first place?
The low CritMax the other thread was about? No. It must be the BIOS, but 
there's nothing I can sensibly do about that.

> Why do you want to remove the limit, instead of setting it to an actual 
> reasonable value?
I did set the CritMax limit to 70 degC in envsys.conf.

This thread is about a CritMin CPU Temp limit of 45 degC.
I don't think there's a sensible minimal CPU temperature. Maybe AMD specifies 
a minimum temperature of, say, -20 degC for the Opteron 246, but, what shall 
I do if I fall below that? Start some idle jobs to heat the CPU?

Of course, I can set the limit to some ridiculously low value, but that's 
still displayed in envstat output.

One could argue that a CPU temp reading below 45 degC must be a sensor failure, 
so it's OK to shut down.

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