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Re: removing an envsys temperature limit

On Tue, 16 Feb 2016, Edgar Fuß wrote:

Is this a continuation of your prior thread: ?
No. That was about a 54 degC CritMax for CPU Temp.

If so, what you're effectively asking is for to stop
reading the limits from the chip, which I don't think is supported.
It doesn't report any limit for sensor0 (l_temp), so there must be a way of
having "no limit".

It is possible to have "no limit". However, if the BIOS (or the sensor itself) establishes a limit, it cannot be removed. It can only be modified.

The "envstat -S" command can be used to reset a sensor's limits to the state they were in at boot-time. For sensors which do not have any initial limit, this command will remove any user-specified limits. For chips which have initial limits, those initial limits are restored.

I'm curious why any adverse action was taken when triggering the critical-minimum alarm. /etc/powerd/scripts/temperature_sensor seems to indicate the action should be a simple syslog message:

        logger -p warning "${0}: ($1) dropped below critical limit [${3}]" >&1
        exit 0

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