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Re: removing an envsys temperature limit

On 15 February 2016 at 09:36, Edgar Fuß <> wrote:
> How do I remove an envsys temperature limit?
> For a voltage limit, it seems to work to set it to an empty value, but for
> a temperature, I get a syntax error.
> No, the answer is not "envstat -S" since the limit I want to get rid of (a
> critical minmal CPU temperature) is apperantly set by the BIOS. I don't expect
> my hardware to suffer from under-temperature.

Is this a continuation of your prior thread: ?

If so, what you're effectively asking is for to stop
reading the limits from the chip, which I don't think is supported.

Did you find out what was causing the limit to be low in the first
place?  Why do you want to remove the limit, instead of setting it to
an actual reasonable value?


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