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Re: disklabel problems on 3TB disc

>> or put the raid on the raw disk itself.
> That doesn't work.  It truncates the component capacity to the
> truncated value in the disklabel.

That could easily just be a code bug.

Back some years ago, I had occasion to (for work) set up a RAID of
something like six or seven TB.  The individual drives were well under
the 2T limit, but even so I had some 32-bit bugs to fix.  It's possible
there's another one in the code path that passes the raw disk size to
the raidframe code.

Of course, it also might not be, too; I haven't looked.  I mention it
mostly to say "don't just give up on it"...well, unless for your
purposes custom bugfixes aren't acceptable, or finding them isn't going
to happen, or some such.

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