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re: disklabel problems on 3TB disc

> That could easily just be a code bug.
> Back some years ago, I had occasion to (for work) set up a RAID of
> something like six or seven TB.  The individual drives were well under
> the 2T limit, but even so I had some 32-bit bugs to fix.  It's possible
> there's another one in the code path that passes the raw disk size to
> the raidframe code.

support for >2TB raidframe was not implemented until this comment:

date: 2010/11/01 02:35:25;  author: mrg;  state: Exp;  lines: +19 -21
add support for >2TB raid devices.

which was later pulled upto netbsd-5.  before this, you could not
create or use rf devices larger than 2TB, regardless of the size of
the individual components.  there were on-disk 32 bit values for
disk blocks, that needed to be extended.  (and then we found that
what should have been 'zero' on disk for these blocks was infact
not zero in some small number of cases.)


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