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Re: quotacheck on 6.0_BETA

> You're trying to use both old and new quotas at once.
I see.

> The "userquota" and "groupquota" mount options are used to enable the
> old quotas.
I was not even aware that the old quotas are still around.
Yes, I could have concluded that from quotachek still being around.
Does libquota handle the old quotas?

> The new quotas are always enabled if they exist on the disk volume at
> mount time. (This is controlled with newfs/tunefs.)
So I guess there's no way of temporarily disabling (the enforcement of) quotas 
with the new system?

> That said, quotacheck should behave more intelligently in this
> situation.
Probably yes. I haven't tried quotaon.

> If you have suggestions for places to improve the docs, I'm all ears.
It would have helped me if there was some guide describing the differences 
between the old and new system.

Some points I learned or am still unsure of:
-- the new quotas are created with newfs ore tunefs, not at the first quotacheck
-- new quotas don't do quotacheck, fsck does the equivalent
-- new quotas don't need the userquota/groupquota mount options
-- there's no need for quotaon as well (?)
-- you need libquota to access the new quotas (does it handle the old ones as 
-- grace times are per-user and not taken from the #0 entry (what do I do if I 
want a global per-fs default?)
-- defaults are handled differently (I haven't yet undestood how since I'm not 
using them anyway).

> I suppose I should go rewrite the SMM.doc; I'd forgotten it existed.
Which one? The one in fsck_ffs?

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