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quotacheck on 6.0_BETA

I'm not sure whether the problem lies in userland or kernel. I'm not subscribed 
to tech-userlevel.

I've a 6.0_BETA machine and created a file system with newfs -O 2 -q user -q 
group and created a fstab entry with options rw,log,userquota,groupquota.
Then, mount -a seems to do the right thing, but rebooting yields:

[running /etc/rc.d/quota]
Checking quotas:quotacheck: filesystem /export/test has quotas already turned on
quotacheck: creating quota file /export/test/quota.user

and indeed created /export/tmp/quota.user (I had space before the "groupquota" 
in fstab, so that's probably why it didn't create

Am I mis-using the new quota interface?

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