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Re: quotacheck on 6.0_BETA

On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 07:42:26PM +0200, Edgar Fu? wrote:
 > I'm not sure whether the problem lies in userland or kernel. I'm
 > not subscribed to tech-userlevel.

mostly userlevel, but that's ok.

 > I've a 6.0_BETA machine and created a file system with newfs -O 2
 > -q user -q group and created a fstab entry with options
 > rw,log,userquota,groupquota.  Then, mount -a seems to do the right
 > thing, but rebooting yields:
 > [running /etc/rc.d/quota]
 > Checking quotas:quotacheck: filesystem /export/test has quotas already 
 > turned on
 > quotacheck: creating quota file /export/test/quota.user
 >  done.
 > and indeed created /export/tmp/quota.user (I had space before the 
 > "groupquota" in fstab, so that's probably why it didn't create
 > Am I mis-using the new quota interface?

You're trying to use both old and new quotas at once. The "userquota"
and "groupquota" mount options are used to enable the old quotas. The
new quotas are always enabled if they exist on the disk volume at
mount time. (This is controlled with newfs/tunefs.)

Unfortunately the "userquota" and "groupquota" mount options are
special-cased in a number of gross ways; I was unwilling to try to
reform this before netbsd-6 in case I caused the old quotas to stop
working entirely. (Basically they are skipped over by fs-independent
mount code, so it's difficult to crosscheck them.)

That said, quotacheck should behave more intelligently in this

If you have suggestions for places to improve the docs, I'm all ears.

I suppose I should go rewrite the SMM.doc; I'd forgotten it existed.

David A. Holland

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