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Re: Proposal: Add option to add dates to write(1)


> But this thread made me wonder if there are people who think that
> there's a need for an eventual write(1) replacement that would be more
> secure, and could handle this particular need gracefully.  The first
> question being: is this worth it? :)
what are the security issues of write(1)? You want to have `mesg no` for all
terminals, such that nobody could use write anymore except for root?
(I didn't look at the guts of tty, only at write(1) sourcecode)

I would not consider a special daemon a solution for this issue. One of the
great advantages of write(1) is its simplicity. You need nothing running,
even with a totally broken system you should be able to write(1) other users.
An administrator deactivating that daemon would be more common than an
administrator really caring for deactivating things to make write unusable.

Regards, Julian

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