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Re: default skel files (Re: PAGER=less)

> Well, they might your life easier, but might annoy other's life.
> Someone doesn't like all la, lf, and ll, but prefers "dir" for ls -la.
> Who can choose the "sane default" from a bunch of prefereces?
We're talking about a dot file which ideally survives in its original form
less than half an hour. It doesn't matter if during that time it has three
aliases more. If I take your point to the extreme, why have any aliases at
all in any dot file? Remove them all and be done with it. However, be sure
to remove them from src/etc/root/dot.cshrc too, since you can't be sure if
root will like tset, cd and hup aliased the way they are. BLOCKSIZE too is
questionable, maybe there's someone who wants 512B blocks, or doesn't like
cdpath... What's the point of all this really? As you say, it's a skeleton
file, you're supposed to edit it. Just do it and forget it.

Best regards.

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