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Re: default skel files (Re: PAGER=less)

> ... and how widespread is this?
As widespread as NetBSD and OpenBSD combined, I surmise.

> If we are talking about individuals, I've never used them myself so I'd
> rather see them go.
And I'd rather not, which is why Izumi asked in the first place.

> And individual preferences should not be the reason for decision behind
> what goes into these files or not. (If you really want to change a default
> behavior, get the code modified.)
Ah, but you see, we're not talking about individual preferences. /etc/skel is
supposed to contain a minimal set of sane defaults, which in the case of csh
these are (save for 'su -m', which isn't very sane, and EXINIT, which is
indeed an individual preference). I think you have the wrong idea here. The
point isn't to modify default behaviour (like aliasing 'rm' to 'rm -i') but
to make life with csh easier. 'ls' is still 'ls' while 'h' is nine keystrokes
less -- a big win when you first log in and realise that a) backspace outputs
^H instead of erasing the character to the left; b) fiddling with TERM and
stty doesn't quite achieve what you want.

> I'd suggest you to carry around your own set of configuration files
I do, and it's damn annoying.

Best regards.

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