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Re: default skel files (Re: PAGER=less)

> > And individual preferences should not be the reason for decision behind
> > what goes into these files or not. (If you really want to change a default
> > behavior, get the code modified.)
> Ah, but you see, we're not talking about individual preferences. /etc/skel is
> supposed to contain a minimal set of sane defaults, which in the case of csh
> these are (save for 'su -m', which isn't very sane, and EXINIT, which is
> indeed an individual preference). I think you have the wrong idea here. The
> point isn't to modify default behaviour (like aliasing 'rm' to 'rm -i') but
> to make life with csh easier.

Well, they might your life easier, but might annoy other's life.
Someone doesn't like all la, lf, and ll, but prefers "dir" for ls -la.
Who can choose the "sane default" from a bunch of prefereces?

Such aliases based on preferences without certain criteria should be
omitted from _skeleton_ otherwise they just cause silly flamewar.

On the other hand, we could leave/add more environments that would
be refered by common commands (including pkgsrc), but they should
still be commented out.
Izumi Tsutsui

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