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Re: Heads up: tmux imported into src

> Well, given that tmux will have to actually proxy something if one
> writes a proxy for it, then I think that we can assume that tmux
> would then in fact need to listen in some fashion.  If tmux has to
> listen then it will need to be aware of where it should listen and
> what to do when it receives requests.  This will necessarily be
> implementation dependent unless there is a standard.

Good points.

I should look at moussh with that in mind.  I need to document what it
does anyway, but I also should see if I can invent a not-too-insane
interface that would let fundamentally ssh-unaware programs (which I
think tmux should ideally be) proxy agent connections.

> You could make the same arguments about the X11 DISPLAY information.

True.  With X, there _is_ a standard for X over TCP; there's a common
case for X over AF_LOCAL sockets, but it's discouragingly far from

> This is all local, there is no need for tmux to proxy X11 but it
> would be nice if tmux could let its kids know that the X server had
> moved.


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