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Re: Heads up: tmux imported into src

>>> When I re-attach to tmux, I want for the tmux sessions to start
>>> speaking to the key agent or X11 connection that I re-attached
>>> with.  Might require that tmux proxy the connections.
>> Strictly speaking, in each case it depends on the implementation.
>> [...]
> Given that it's all on the local host, you could just have tmux set
> the SSH agent socket to be a symlink and optionally repoint it upon
> new attaches.

There you are, already in "depends on the implementation" territory.
There is nothing that compels the ssh implementation to use sockets,
much less AF_LOCAL sockets, for agent access.

Of course, you can have tmux assume such things about the particular
implementations in use, if you care to.  I think it would be crippling
and therefore stupid to do so, but that's never stopped anyone yet and
I don't expect it to start now. :-)  But I go a bit overboard in that
direction; I'm even unhappy about making moussh's assume
/tmp/.X11-unix/ in its X forwarding code, and as far as I know that's
done by all X implementations running in environments that can support
it (which certainly includes everything moussh is likely to run on).

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