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Re: Importing tmux into base

On Tue, 8 Feb 2011 09:22:04 +0000
Julio Merino <> wrote:

> What do people think about importing tmux into base?

GNU screen(1) is indeed usually the first package I install.  Last I
looked at tmux it didn't seem to compete well against it, although I
have just tried it again now and think I'd not install screen if tmux
was in the base system.

This tmux package somehow depends on ncurses (and didn't have a
compile-time option to build against curses instead), I've not looked
more into it.  I assume that this might be because it requires features
that are absent of curses on stable NetBSD releases such as terminfo.

I tried to look for the features I use a lot in screen and most of them
seem to have equivalents.  However, I didn't find how to have
notification of window inactivity (useful when performing builds for

Personally I don't object about having it in the base system if it
plays well with curses.  A possible disadvantage might be that for
binary-only release users upgrading it might be harder in the case of
a vulnerability.  That won't be a problem for me as I track stable
branches from source.


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