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Re: [HEADS-UP] growfs port for ffs2 and ffs1

>> Has anyone used the shriking feature of resize_ffs?  Does that work?
> Yes, now and then.  There are two annoying parts though;
> - no ffsv2
> - no live shrink/growth.

> I assume it do not require too much work to make that work in some
> sense.

ffsv2 just needs a little attention from someone who knows ffsv2.
I'd've done it long since except that so far I haven't been paid to
learn about ffsv2 and haven't had the inclination and leisure come
together to do so on my own time.

Live operation requires hooks moderately deep into the OS to flush all
writes and quiesce the filesystem before the operation and then throw
away all cached pointers afterwards.  I originally wrote it under
SunOS, which didn't have such hooks as far as I knew; adding them to
NetBSD was at first too intimidating and now (because I'm no longer
tracking anything even vaguely current) rather pointless for me to
attempt as well as still being somewhat intimidating.

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