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Re: [HEADS-UP] growfs port for ffs2 and ffs1

> Has anyone used the shriking feature of resize_ffs?  Does that work?

Well, I've used fsresize (the name I originally wrote it under) to
shrink; that was the main motivation for writing it.  I don't recall
whether I've ever used resize_ffs rather than fsresize at all, but I'm
not sure that means anything; if I didn't have fsresize handy, I
probably would have used resize_ffs.

Does it work?  It did when I sent fsresize to whoever it was I sent it
to; presumably it did when resize_ffs was first committed.  Does it
work now?  Well, unless someone broke it during one of the changes it's
undergone, I imagine it works as well as it ever did.  Unless someone
has kept it up to date with changes to ffs, though, it may not handle
things newer than it is.

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