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Re: [HEADS-UP] growfs port for ffs2 and ffs1


>> I have ported growfs tool from FreeBSD to NetBSD I have done some tests with 
>> LVM partition and resizing ffs1 and ffs2 volumes with growfs seems to work 
>> very well. I would like to see more testing before I import it to base tree. 
>> If anyone has some big fs wich can be used for testing or has LVM setup it 
>> would be great to give it a try.
>> Current growfs port source code can be found at [1]. I have found that I 
>> haven't used latest growfs code, I will try to update current port to 
>> FreeBSD HEAD today.
> I have updated my growfs sources to current FreeBSD HEAD ones with fix for 
> freebsd pr bin/115174. You can find latest sources here [1].

I have been testing growfs in a loop for some time now (ffs1, ffs2, wapbl) and 
everything works fine, I will commit this during weekend if there are no real 

Existence of resize_ffs which was never included to build and can't resize ffs2 
file system can't be considered as issue. 

If anyone cares I have been running small script which was basically doing this

lvm lvresize
check md5 sums of files on fs and create new ones.



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