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Re: pax revisited

> Switching to cpio fixes the issues with long filenames which are
> problematic with the default ustar, but neither can handle files
> larger than 8 gigabytes.

> Is this something that might change in the future [...]?

It's not a good long-term answer (because the POSIX tar format is a
more extensible and standardized way to do it), but my tar has support
for file sizes in [0..1<<80).  If you want something immediately, it
might be a right answer for your purposes.

Adding POSIX extended header block support to it has been on my to-do
list for quite a while.  Someday I may find the round tuits.

If you want a copy, has it;
if you have trouble with it after reading the header comment, drop me a
line and I'll be happy to do what I can to help you get it to build.

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