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Re: libcodecs(3), take 4


>> I hope this library becomes more modular.
> You're going to have to help me out here - I have absolutely no idea
> what you mean.

i think you put too much into a single *.c file.

>> OTOH I'm not convinced that the add operation's "usefulness".
> The "add" operation (codecs_add()) will add a transformation to the table.
> Is that what you mean?
> Without it, there would be no transformations available. So still a bit
> unclear what you mean by this.

what's the point to export it?  ie. who is expected to use it besides
the library itself?

talking about codecs_add:

- i don't think it's a good idea to use regex here.
  what will happen if someone does codecs_add(..., ".*", ...)?

- the "subset" concept sounds arbitrary and i don't understand how it could
  be useful.


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