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Re: pax revisited

On Mon, Oct 04, 2010 at 05:26:22PM +0000, John Klos wrote:
> Ages ago I wrote about the limitations of tar and it was suggested
> that I use pax, which I generally do these days. However, now I am
> running into problems with pax.

Our pax doesn't implement the POSIX interchange format either.

> Is this something that might change in the future, or should I shop
> around for BSD-licensed pax format code?

BSD tar implements it. I haven't found the time to write a pax frontend
for it yet. In current, you can request it with MKBSDTAR=yes. That
replaces tar and cpio. Be warned that I haven't moved libraries yet, so
it might not be a good idea if /usr is on a separate filesystem.


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