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Re: libcodecs(3), take 4


> PS.  To answer Yamamoto-san's point that he couldn't see any use
> cases, there are lots in the standard transformations in libcodecs(3). 

sorry, i don't understand what you mean.
i don't doubt the usefulness of each transformations.
i doubt the usefulness of your wrapper library.

> At the same time, there is a case for getting rid of the following
> programs from base:

what will be a replacement of them?


> asa
> uuencode
> uudecode
> perhaps vis (with some more work)
> perhaps the digest programs
> all the od functionality that I use (with hexdump) and more (via unhexdump)
> as well as adding base64 and base85 encoding/decoding for free, and
> haviong command line access to decent randomisation and zero'd areas
> without resorting to using dd.

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