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Re: proposal: inetd improvements.

On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 07:43 -0400, der Mouse wrote:
> >     9.  convert it to libevent for portability and provide autoconf
> >         so that it can be built on other OSes (not used on NetBSD
> >         of course).
> Well, IMO autoconf is not an improvement.  My opinion on autoconf (or
> more precisely on configure scripts, especially autoconf-generated
> configure scripts) can be found in my blah post of last November at
> (also available
> over HTTP at

Let us take the recent addition of getline(3) to NetBSD libc.
I am curious as to how you would automatically take advantage of it, yet
build on older NetBSD systems without it.

Bonus points for making this decision user selectable and be fairly

Then repeat N times for each OS specific features you want to take
advantage of for whatever reason.

The basic problem autoconf sets out to solve is still there, but I do
dislike autoconf tools and language choices quite a lot hence I roll my
own configure (but supports most common autoconf options) based on POSIX
shell with sed and grep.



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