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proposal: inetd improvements.

I am thinking of using inetd to run a few services in a production
environment and in order to make it robust and featureful enough to
do so, I would like to make the following list of changes to it:

        1.  maximum connexions per unit time is not a terribly
            useful feature and in fact makes the use of inetd in
            an enterprise unusable as it is a built-in denial of
            service.  I propose that we keep track of the number
            of outstanding children and place a maximum on that
            rather than connexions per second.  Perhaps we can
            leave connexions per unit time in the code but strongly
            discourage its use,

        2.  inetd should be able to optionally signal kids of wait
            services when it is HUPed or stopped,

        3.  for wait services for which inetd fails to bind, it should
            retry later as it is possible that a daemon that it HUPed
            earlier is taking a while to exit,

        4.  % should be defined as an address type and it should expand
            into a list of IP addresses which is periodically regenerated
            by iterating over the interfaces,

        5.  it should be possible to configure multiple kids on a wait
            service to give the ability to trivially run pre-forked services,

        6.  put in some interpolation in args so that we can tell the daemon
            a few things.

        7.  add a few extra socket options here and there,

        8.  maybe a chroot option, maybe unnecessary given that you can
            already do this via chroot(1), and

        9.  convert it to libevent for portability and provide autoconf
            so that it can be built on other OSes (not used on NetBSD of


    Roland Dowdeswell                      http://Imrryr.ORG/~elric/

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