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Re: proplist

> Ugliness is highly subjective.  This form can be considered ugly
> because it has a lot of completely extraneous double quotes.  For
> example.

Not completely extraneous.  _Something_ has to delimit strings, and
whether it's better to use " " or <long-string> <long-string/>
is...well, I suppose "highly subjective" about covers it.

>> In addition you don't need special tools to test whether the
>> expression is syntactically valid (it only needs to check that
>> parentheses are balanced, even vi-alikes support this operation),
> No, it looks like at a minimum it requires checking for matching
> quotes and for valid numbers.

True.  Plus whatever escaping is used for strings.

Not that it makes what you said incorrect, but this is really no worse
than the XMLalike analogs of those; if anything, it's easier, because
the quotes are much shorter and the way some characters quote others
makes mis-nesting (<foo><bar><foo/><bar/>) impossible.

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