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terminfo implementation

Hi list

I've been working on a terminfo implementation and this part is now pretty much done, although there is one encoding type that needs to be finished and the tputs needs to work with ncurses values as well. You can see the source here. Basic tic and infocmp utilities are included.

I've not included a terminal description file as I propose we use the ncurses one.

This is compatible with the terminfo x/open standard with respect to tparm. tparmv is provided as well, and if you #define TPARM_VARARGS then tparm is mapped to tparmv to provide source compatibility with default ncurses.

tmux-0.8 needs a tiny patch to work with this, basically adding the #define, removing the #include <ncurses.h> line and replacing OK with 0.

Does anyone have any ideas about merging this into the tree? I think we can add it as a new library and slowly move code over to using libterminfo instead of libtermcap, although this does mean mainting two different databases until completed as my libterminfo does not have any libtermcap capabilities.



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