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Re: Replacing window(1) with tmux

>> Does tmux support the multiple-overlapping-windows features of
>> window(1)?  I [...] would really miss the "poor man's window system"
>> for windowing on text consoles [...]
> From the man page is states that panes can be arranged using
> different layouts.  There is no mention of overlapping, [...]

That would be a problem for me, yes, probably enough of one to provoke
me to, as I mentioned, bring it back privately if necessary.

> I'm actually quite curious now - can you post a screen shot of how
> you use this in window(1)?

Of a real live case, no, not easily; when I use window it's usually on
single-user machines, where screenshotting is not easy.  It's also
relatively rare for me to be using a text console for something
elaborate enough to want windowing but without the ability to do real
windowing.  (Examples of the sorts of things I want it for:
copy-and-paste text between windows, or watching output from multiple
things at once - eg, tcpdump on multiple interfaces to see why traffic
isn't flowing as I expect.)

However, I threw together a quick mock-up, using a borderless
full-screen mterm as a stand-in for a text console.  It's reasonably
close to the sorts of things real use cases want.  See

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