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Re: Replacing window(1) with tmux

der Mouse wrote:
There was some discussion off-list recently about tmux.  For those
that haven't heard of it, it's a BSD licensed screen on steroids.
So I propose that once [...] then we import it and remove window(1).

Does tmux support the multiple-overlapping-windows features of
window(1)?  I don't miss having screen-style attach/detach in base (I
seem to be an outlier in not using screen), but I would really miss the
"poor man's window system" for windowing on text consoles, to the point
where I'd simply bring window back in privately if it were removed from

I did say that I'm not an advanced screen or tmux user ;)

Anyway, here is a link [1] to some tmux screen shots.
Two of them show windows (or panes) in one term

From the man page is states that panes can be arranged using different layouts. There is no mention of overlapping, so you cannot have a smaller pane inside or covering a larger pane. You can however have many windows full screen. I've not tried this however.

I'm actually quite curious now - can you post a screen shot of how you use this in window(1)?




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