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Re: larn, and other games

On Sun, Feb 03, 2008 at 01:41:53AM -0500, der Mouse wrote:
 > > If you have any remaining changes you want in, fire away or be
 > > prepared to merge. :-)
 > There are three options here.
 >    [...]
 > (1) is quick (minutes, maybe hours if I'm slow about reading mail) and
 > easy for me but puts more of a burden on whoever does something with
 > the result (you, presumably).  (2) lifts that burden but will take
 > longer for me to produce (days).  (3) I don't like, at least not
 > without verifying there are no such changes :-).

The first proviso is that I will be doing some hacking today, and then
after that it'll probably next weekend or longer before I get back to
it again. The second proviso is that any kind of reorganization patch,
if you have any such changes, should probably wait until I finish
merging larn 12.3 - it will be a lot easier to merge the larn 12.3
changes into it than vice versa.

I am also planning to commit the larn 12.2 and 12.3 merge bits
piecemeal, that is, one more-or-less-self-contained thing at a time;
since they have to be merged that way we may as well get the benefit
in the cvs history. This means that if you do end up merging you can
merge one step at a time and it shouldn't be all that painful. (Nor
are any of these changes going to include massive reorg, reindenting,
or anything like that. larn 12.2 -> 12.3 apparently included a
massreindent, but I don't plan to inflict that on anyone else.)

So I would say the best thing to do is send me one big patch right
away directly by mail, against current if possible. If you can
subdivide it easily into functionally distinct changesets, great, but
if not, don't hold it up for that. Then, anything I don't get to in
the next couple days should probably be sliced up and send-pr'd to
make sure they don't get lost.

I don't think the y2038 save file changes and whatnot will be getting
done this weekend, so you probably don't need to worry about having to
merge into those.

I'll also send you (in a moment) the patches I have queued but not yet
committed, in case you want to look at them, or merge against them, or

 > > I can probably make the new stuff be off by default.
 > Some of the new stuff should, I think, be on by default (things like
 > the ability to unwield a weapon without dropping it).  The command set
 > is really the only change from this list I'd default to off.

I meant only the new UI/command stuff, and I think I will in fact make
it default to off.

David A. Holland

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