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Re: larn, and other games

> [...] most of the five people or so worldwide who still play larn are
> probably purists and might object.

I think there are probably more than that; I know of one other who
lives in Montreal, so there are probably at least a couple dozen
worldwide. :)

I made a whole pile of spelling/grammar/typo fixes; I think I committed
them.  If so, I'd appreciate it if you could make sure those don't get
lost (and, if I didn't, I'd be happy to send you the changes I've made

Almost all the changes are things I think are good.  A few of them are
things I've already done; a few more are things I might well have done
eventually.  I think the only one I don't like is

> 12. A Rogue-like command mode has been added, and is the default.

because one of the things I liked about larn was that it was distinctly
different from the vast bulk of the roguelike games.  ("If you want
rogue, you know where to find it.")  But as long as the original
command set is available, I can always just patch the default.

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