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Re: larn, and other games

>> I made a whole pile of spelling/grammar/typo fixes; [...]
> I believe those got in; at least, there's a large batch of changes
> with your name on them.

Almost certainly them.

> If you have any remaining changes you want in, fire away or be
> prepared to merge. :-)

There are three options here.

(1) I can generate diffs from anything readily available (3.1, 4.0,
-current) to my local source tree and send them to you, post them to
the list, send them pr, whatever you think best.

(2) I can do the above and go through and hand-edit in justifications
and/or explanations for each change.

(3) We can ignore any of my changes which I didn't commit, at least for
the moment.

(1) is quick (minutes, maybe hours if I'm slow about reading mail) and
easy for me but puts more of a burden on whoever does something with
the result (you, presumably).  (2) lifts that burden but will take
longer for me to produce (days).  (3) I don't like, at least not
without verifying there are no such changes :-).

> I can probably make the new stuff be off by default.

Some of the new stuff should, I think, be on by default (things like
the ability to unwield a weapon without dropping it).  The command set
is really the only change from this list I'd default to off.

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