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Re: larn, and other games

On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 11:16:34PM -0500, der Mouse wrote:
 > > [...] most of the five people or so worldwide who still play larn are
 > > probably purists and might object.
 > I think there are probably more than that; I know of one other who
 > lives in Montreal, so there are probably at least a couple dozen
 > worldwide. :)
 > I made a whole pile of spelling/grammar/typo fixes; I think I committed
 > them.  If so, I'd appreciate it if you could make sure those don't get
 > lost (and, if I didn't, I'd be happy to send you the changes I've made
 > locally).

I believe those got in; at least, there's a large batch of changes
with your name on them.

If you have any remaining changes you want in, fire away or be
prepared to merge. :-)

 > Almost all the changes are things I think are good.  A few of them are
 > things I've already done; a few more are things I might well have done
 > eventually.  I think the only one I don't like is
 > > 12. A Rogue-like command mode has been added, and is the default.
 > because one of the things I liked about larn was that it was distinctly
 > different from the vast bulk of the roguelike games.  ("If you want
 > rogue, you know where to find it.")  But as long as the original
 > command set is available, I can always just patch the default.

Yes; I'm suspicious of that. (I don't know if I *like* it the way it
is, but that's still the way it is, if you know what I mean...)

I can probably make the new stuff be off by default. It's not like
there's a big installed base to be compatible with. (OpenBSD seems to
have removed larn, and FreeBSD doesn't do games any more, and Linux
syncs with us, so I think it's really just us.)

David A. Holland

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