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Re: config(5) break down

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 11:49 PM, Andrew Doran <> wrote:
> Random example:
> I had to abandon two paid efforts last year because I ran out
> of time owing to the huge amount of MD code, a lot of which is unused.
> That was TNF's money and my time down the toilet, and we missed out
> on multithreaded ttys and audio drivers (and a bucketload of bugfixes
> along with both).

audio(4) and tty(4) are very different from my view; audio(4) has the
single entry and drivers implement backend.  tty(4) is a common
interface through which kernel accesses serial devices (correct me if

I'm very curious which architecture looks better to you, because I
have a vague idea to make tty(4) to something like audio(4).


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