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Re: updating a piece of the running system from is too hard

>>> Should DESTDIR=/ automatically flip off MKUNPRIVED for the install
>>> target?
>> IMO, no, it should not, at least not unless some other way is
>> provided (and documented!) to say "this was built unprived and thus
>> privileged things like ownerships are stored where an unprived build
>> puts them; please get them from there and install over the live
>> system".
> I don't follow - DESTDIR=/ is explicitly about installing into the
> live system, but I understand the essence of your objection.

I suspect you might not, since the part before the comma seems to
indicate you didn't quite understand what I meant; perhaps I was too

It seems to me that it would be a serious regression if there weren't
some way to do "build the world as a regular user, then, as root,
install the resulting build over the live system".  At present, the
install part of this appears to require combining MKUNPRIVED and
DESTDIR=/, and thus would be broken by having DESTDIR=/ force
MKUNPRIVED off.  Specifically, here's a quote from (4.0.1's)
/usr/src/BUILDING which illustrates what I mean:

     2.   % ./ -U distribution

          Using unprivileged mode, build a complete distribution to a DESTDIR
          directory that selects (and will display).

     3.   # ./ -U install=/

          As root, install to / the distribution that was built by example 2.
          Even though this is run as root, -U is required so that the permis-
          sions stored in DESTDIR/METALOG are correctly applied to the files
          as they're copied to /.

Perhaps this desire is already addressed some other way in more recent
build systems, in which case this is a non-issue, but I don't recall
seeing anything to make me think that's so.

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