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Re: updating a piece of the running system from is too hard

On Fri, 26 Feb 2010, der Mouse wrote:
> > Should DESTDIR=/ automatically flip off MKUNPRIVED for the install
> > target?
> IMO, no, it should not, at least not unless some other way is provided
> (and documented!) to say "this was built unprived and thus privileged
> things like ownerships are stored where an unprived build puts them;
> please get them from there and install over the live system".

As far as I am aware, the "make build" phase works identically whether
or not MKUNPRIVED is used, so there's no need for a switch such
as you suggest.  It's the "make install" phase that behaves very
differently, either saving ownership and permissions in the METALOG
(with MKUNPRIVED), or saving ownership and permissions directly in the
inodes of the target files (without MKUNPRIVED).

I think that it would be useful to have a simple way of telling
${TOOLDIR}/bin/nbmake-${MACHINE} to install as if MKUNPRIVED had not
been set at the time the wrapper was created.  I haven't thought enough
about how to do that.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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