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Re: updating a piece of the running system from is too hard

der Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost> writes:

>> Should DESTDIR=/ automatically flip off MKUNPRIVED for the install
>> target?
> IMO, no, it should not, at least not unless some other way is provided
> (and documented!) to say "this was built unprived and thus privileged
> things like ownerships are stored where an unprived build puts them;
> please get them from there and install over the live system".

I don't follow - DESTDIR=/ is explicitly about installing into the live
system, but I understand the essence of your objection.  perhaps we need
another target "liveinstall" that does the equivalent of

  make DESTDIR="" MKUNPRIVED=no install

Masao Uebayashi <> writes:

> syspkg should help.  make DESTDIR=/ install should be retired IMO.

Thanks -will have to check out syspkgs as they become more solid - my
impression is that they aren't yet workable.

I think people should still be able to rebuild and reinstall individual
directories of the sources if they want.  That's very longstanding

matthew green <> writes:

>  $ cd /usr/src/usr.bin/passwd
>  $ env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX='/var/obj/${MACHINE}' make obj
>  $ env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX='/var/obj/${MACHINE}' make dependall
>  $ priv env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX='/var/obj/${MACHINE}' make install

>  i'm not sure what is recommended, but this works for me.

Thanks.  You must have tools in the standard place, and this seems a bit
like my USETOOLS=no attempt with OBJDIR repointing.  (I'm trying to use
the build I already did with the normal cross tools; sorry if
that wasn't clear.)

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