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Re: Sets, subsets, syspkgs, and MK*

>   My understanding is that you need to know the build options for the
>   previous build to provide patch files for binary updates.
>   At least I think this is the reason why this thread was started.
>   I think this requires some kind of configuration storage in the binaries.


> Or it requires some CM discipline on the part of people who are changing
> options.
> In the NetBSD repo, we have rules that we don't change certain things on
> stable branches, like shlib major version.  Not changing the default
> settings of USE/MK is simply part of this.  Anyone who's making private
> builds and wants to use binary patches is in the same boat with CM
> rules.
> /etc/release already has the MK/USE state.

I keep forgetting /etc/release.  We should simply convert it to an ordinally
/etc/ and use it while building.  Because those variable
values are persistent during build.


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