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Re: [M-Labs devel] NetBSD kernel booting on lm32

In article 
Yann Sionneau  <> wrote:
>2014-03-20 10:38 GMT+01:00 Yann Sionneau
>> Hi,
>> I am very happy to announce that the NetBSD/lm32 project is making good
>> progress :)
>> Regards,
>Hi NetBSD guys,
>Is this normal I get that much error messages about sysctl_createv ?
>Am I doing something wrong here?
>seems return 2 means "ENOENT" when doing the sysctl_locate() from
>within sysctl_createv().
>Moreover, when adding "options INET" in my kernel config, then
>arp_init() is doing a lot of sysctl_createv() one of them is filling a
>"node" pointer with NULL, then this node is dereferenced later in
>other calls to sysctl_createv(), I don't see exactly why this happens
>( cf ).

Do you see the printf:

                printf("sysctl_createv: sysctl_locate(%s) returned %d\n",
                    nnode.sysctl_name, error);

I don't see this in any of the kernels I boot..


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